Be more productive

Analyse your productivity with:

Photo history: develop time per photo

Develop statistics: productivity during a period

Usage develop tools

Get more satisfied students

Assessment report

Great tools for training intake

Instant insight in students LR usage

Easily personalize your trainings

Give as a handout

Our mission

To create tools for photographers that make them happy and say “yes, this helped!”.

Our tools contain:

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Our products for


Trainers / consultants

Assessment: within a minute you get insight in how your students use Lightroom. Now you can personalize your courses to their needs and skills.

Buying new equipment

Investing in new equipment is costly! Be better prepared and analyze your current usage with the Lensage usage, Camera usage, Aperture, Focal length, ISO speed and Shutter speed professional analytical reports. Drill down from catalog wide to detailed info per camera, body and lens combination.

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