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To provide tools for enhancing the productivity for photographers.

New – Focal length 35 mm equivalent report

Based on user feedback we added the Focal length 35 mm equivalent report to our arsenal of reports,

NEW – Pay per Use

Analyze your Lightroom catalog for less than a Starbucks Cappuccino*.

With our new Lightroom Analyzer 5.0 you can choose to only pay per report viewed or downloaded in our “Online Viewer“.
Now any report in our shop you can also pay per use.

* Prices range from 0.50 to 2.50 euros, excluding VAT (only for customers from within the European Community).

More info here or watch this video.

Our products

Lightroom plugins

Plug-ins that improve your develop quality or enhance your productivity like:

  • EditCheck: Easily check if you applied develop adjustments like sharpening, lens correction etc.
    Never again send unsharpened photos to your client, upload them on the web or have them printed.
  • Relative adjustments: need to apply one or more settings relative to multiple photos, this is your choice.
  • Photo list importer: do you get lists of selected photos from clients? This plugin will be your friend.
  • See all our plugins.

Analytic reports

Want to know more about your productivity, these analytics reports can help:

Our Solutions

For Photographers

When buying new equipment

Investing in new equipment is costly! Be better prepared and analyze your current usage with the Lensage usage, Camera usage, Aperture, Focal length, ISO speed and Shutter speed professional analytical reports. Drill down from catalog wide to detailed info per camera, body and lens combination.

For Trainers / consultants

Assessment: within a minute you get insight in how your students use Lightroom. Now you can personalize your courses to their needs and skills.

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