License info

The license structure is based on individual reports or a package of them.

2 Principles concerning license costs

At Lightroomstatistics we have 2 principals concerning the license costs:

  • Single-User License
    LightroomStatistics grants the non-exclusive, non-transferable right for a single user to use this Software Product.
    Each additional user of the Software Product requires an additional Software Product License.
    You may use each Software Product License on three computer systems, as long as it is always used by the same user.
    You may transfer the Software Product License to a different user only if you remove all previous installations completely. Before doing so, you have to contact us, in order we can reset the license.
  • The price should be reasonable
    Creating the reports has cost a lot of work and we think it is reasonable to get a little reward.
    Also we believe that the prices should be reasonable.

Full license info

The full license text can be found at “EULA Reports“.

Volume discount

From 10 licenses onward, you can contact us, see the contact form.

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