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Know your Lightroom students within minutes. Be able to personalize your training to their needs.

Also this report can serve as a quality check for photographers. Run the report before delivering photos to your clients, uploading them on the web or sending them off to be printed and check if you forgot sharpening, lens correction or…


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What’s in it for me?

Personalize your courses much more easily and quickly. Analyze your students Lightroom catalog within seconds and know their usage of it. It covers many aspects, from the usage of the development tools to the camera settings during the shoot to the used camera, body and lenses. It also touches the organization with keywords, flags, stars and color labels.

Photographers: select a number of images you are about to deliver to your client, upload to the web or have them printed. The report tells you if you have applied sharpening to these photos and much more information. The assessment can serve as a quality check before delivering…

Each of us has his own editing habits. Some sliders we use a lot, others we neglect. This assessment will expose yours.

This assessment showed Ada that she almost never used the “Lens correction” option. When its function was explained she learned how to use it. The assessment helped to improve the quality of her photos.

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