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Relative adjustments

Do you want to add a little extra brightness or … to multiple already edited photos: “Relative adjustment” is your choice or want to apply a preset stronger of softer: “Percentage adjustment” is your choice or want to apply develop changes only on new virtual copies: “Appy to Virtual copy” is your choice.
The “Relative adjustment” plug-in can do all and even combine these functions.

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Product Description

What’s in it for me?

A little example will explain the need and the solution.

Say you developed a bunch of photos. Each photo having it’s unique develop adjustments. Now you want to brightens them all a little. Being in the develop module, if you select those photos and move for example the Exposure (or another) slider, all photos get exactly the same Exposure settings. But that’s not what you want. You want to add to the current setting of the photo. Jared Platt discussed the problem in this video.

Ok, in the Library module you can use the Quick Develop settings, but you have no control how much you add, you only have a few develop tools and you can not use presets.

With the Lightroom Relative adjustment plug-in you can apply develop adjustments relative to the current photo settings. So it adds to the photo settings instead of overwriting them.

It doesn’t matter that the selected photos have completely different settings, all settings are applied relatively to the current one.

With this plug-in you can boost the Exposure for example with 0.10 on all selected photos.

See section “Why would I use relative adjustments?” for an explanation of the problems of Lightrooms preset system and how this plug-in solves those problems.

But there is more, you can also apply a preset absolute like Lightroom does. With “Create Virtual copy” setting on, you can create Virtual copy and then apply the develop adjustments. With the factor you can specify how strong/soft you would like the preset have applied.See the Features section below for more info.

See the section “How it works below”.

See the screenshots on the website, because a picture is worth a thousand words.

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