Focal length

Focal length 35 mm equivalent analysis

Focal length 35 mm equivalent analysis

Buying a new camera or lens, analyzing your camera usage? This report contains an in-depth analysis of the Focal length settings in bar chart and table form for your entire catalog or the photos in your Quick Collection.
Drill down from overall catalog / Quick Collection analysis, down to analysis per camera, down to per body, down to per body lens combination.

What’s in it for me?

Sometimes it is extremely handy to know what focal length settings you used on the photos on your collection.
For example take this report with you when buying a new camera or lens, discuss your photos at the photo club or …

In short, the 35 mm equivalent focal length is a way to compare the particular combination of a camera lens and film or sensor size.


You will need the Jeffrey’s “Focal-length Sort” Lightroom Plugin to calculate the Focal length 35 mm equivalent.
This plugin adds two items to the File > Plug-in Extras menu, “Calculate Focal-length Sort” and “Calculate Focal-length Sort for Entire Catalog”. The former calculates the two custom-metadata values for each selected image, while the latter does it for every image in the current catalog.

For more information on the “35 mm equivalent focal length”, see this Wikipedia article.


Analysis of the focal length in bar charts and tables.
Drill down from totals over all cameras to detailed analysis for each combination of make, model and lens.
You can choose to use this report on your entire collection or just on the images in Quick Collection.

Totals all camera / all body / all lenses


You can run this report against your whole catalog or against the photos in your Quick Collection.
Further with the “threshold” parameters may help you to exclude photos of cameras, bodies and lenses which you rarely use or belong to other people.


LightroomStatistics is open, you can export to:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • OpenOffice
  • HTML
  • XML
  • CSV

Related reports

Aperture, Focal length, ISO speed and Shutter speed are all related reports. They all have the same structure, but each has its own topic.


The LightroomStatistics reports can be parametrized in order to get the desired results.
These parameters are described below. By the way, all parameters have a default value, so you only have to change them when needed.

Restrict to images in Quick Collection
DescriptionRestrict the report to the images in your Quick Collection if desired.
DefaultFalse (= whole catalog)
FormatCheck box (true or false)
Threshold photos camera
DescriptionInclude only cameras with at least xx photos
UnitWhole number
FormatWhole number
Threshold photos body
DescriptionInclude only cameras bodies with at least xx photos
UnitWhole number
FormatWhole number
Threshold photos lens
DescriptionInclude only lenses with at least xx photos
UnitWhole number
FormatWhole number


  • Hyperlinks/bookmarks help you to quickly drill down to the desired information.
  • Translations: Dutch, French and German.
    Contact us for translating this report into another language and get a license free.