Initially, Lightroomstatistics was founded by Dirk Holtman to sell Lightroom plug-ins.

After some time, Ada Holtman turned her photography and editing hobby into a professional career as a photo editing specialist for photographers.
With the growth of her business activity, Dirk transferred the ownership to her.

You can contact her for:

  1. outsourcing post processing of photos in Lightroom
  2. purchasing our regular plug-ins, as sold through Photographers Toolbox
  3. custom orders for Lightroom plug-ins.

All the plug-is are sold on the Photographers Toolbox website.

Photographer-Toolbox Lightroom plug-in marketspace

Custom made Lightroom plug-ins?

If you are in need for a custom Lightroom plug-in, please drop a line in the contact form.

Contact info

Address: LightroomStatistics
Goeman Borgesiusstraat 38
NL 7391 VD Twello
the Netherlands
KvK / Chamber of Commerce: 74734903