I’m an IT professional married to an enthusiastic photographer and working together with professional photographers.

My story

It was in 2007 during my lunch that I was walking with a colleague from Eastern Germany. Each lunch he took his camera and GPS device with him to make photos.
On this occasion he said to me: “Dirk, in a few years from now, I’ll be one of the few people with digital photos from the beginning of the 21th century. I asked him how come. Well, he said, people put their photos on their computers and laptops but do not make backups. Or, if the make backups, they store the backup next to their computer.”

For me this was the start for a journey into Digital Asset Management.
Some time later I bought the DAM book of Peter Krogh and read it with much pleasure.

The DAM book 3 by Peter Krogh

Buy at the DAM book website.

Also at this time I met Geurt Besselink, one of the top nature photographers of the Netherlands. Be sure to have a look at his site and gallery!
As a result of sharing ideas I created the Lightroom Assessment report.
Then Geurt asked the next question: “having edited a series of photos, I want to find those photos that I did not Sharpen or I did not adjust with Clarity or…”. This was the birth of my first Lightroom plug-in: EditCheck.
Soon more requests came for Geurt and other professional photographesrs.

All the plug-is are sold on the Photographers Toolbox website.

Photographer-Toolbox Lightroom plug-in marketspace

Lightroom plug-ins

As described above EditCheck was my first plug-in and Timothy Armes was willing to host it on his Photographers Toolbox site.
Since thenĀ other plug-ins have seen the light, almost every time because I was triggered by a question or a video on YouTube.

For example the “Preset Viewer” was created when I was looking at the “All about presets” video from Matt Kloskowski. Matt was answering the question if there is a good way to see whats inside a preset.

Checkout my 11 plug-ins here:

Photographer-Toolbox Lightroom plug-in marketspace

Please contact me with ideas, feedback or questions.

New reports or plug-ins?

If you have interesting ideas for new reports or plug-ins, please let me know. You can use the feedback form. I might get enthusiastic …