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New query report: Find RAW + JPG photos in catalog

Today we published our new report query “Find RAW + JPG photos” in our webshop.

Last week I got the question how to find these “double” photos. Lightroom won’t help you with that.

The solution is simple:

  1. Run the “Find RAW + JPG photos” query on your catalog
  2. Save th result in a CSV file (push the diskette button)
  3. Open Lightroom
  4. Run our Photo list Importer plug-in and select the CSV file.

Result: all the JPG files will be added to the “LRS_Photo_list” Collection in Lightroom.

If you want to add both the RAW and the JPG versions of the photos, use the Duplicate file name finder report query.






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New LR plug-in: Photo list importer

Yesterday evening during the demo one student asked how he could find all JPG files that had also a RAW counterpart.

Within Lightroom still is not possible. This puzzled me.

The solution would be to create a query which retrieves all photos whose name appears more than once in the your Lightroom catalog.
But having a list alone is not helping. One should be able to retrieve them in Lightroom.


The solution has 2 parts:

  1. The Photo list importer Lightroom plug-in
    This Lightroom plug-in reads a text files with file names + location and adds these photos in Lightroom to a collection.
    The nice part is that this is a generic plug-in.
    Every text with photo names and locations can be read. One could create such a text file by hand, by a SQL query, from Excel or by a ready made report / query.
  2. Duplicate file name finder
    A ready report which lists all photos in your catalog that have not a unique name.
    For example photos that have a JPG and RAW version, or the original photo and it derivatives.
    The result one can be store as a CSV file.

Both the plug-in and the report will be added to the webshop within short notice.
In a hurry, contact me via the contact form.


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Presentation at Digidiaal trainings

Tonight a presentation and demo at the Digidiaal Photoshop and Lightroom training center. They invited me to demo the Lightroom reports.

The participants were enthusiastic. They wanted their catalog checked for the time they on average spend on editing their photos, see Photo history and Develop statistics.

As expected the Assessment revealed that also these students make little use of Lens correction or HSL.
What surprised me was that although some were shooting in RAW that sometimes half of the photos were not sharpened.

But keep in mind that although statistics and numbers are interesting and revealing, in the end only the final picture counts!






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Finally live

December 7, 2012 Finally live

After a long period of listening and talking to photographers and trainers, a long time of developing, testing, and revising and testing and testing, finally we at LightroomStatistics are proud to present the first of our LightroomStatistics reports and the EditCheck Lightroom plug in to you.

Please send us your precious feedback  and help us to improve, see the contact form.

There are several free reports for download, see our download page. Try them.

Look around and have fun.

But never forget:
Never run any report without an up-to-date backup of your catalog.

( 2012) The LightroomStatistics team.