AutoCropper – Lightroom AI crop / rotation presets

What is AutoCropper

AutoCropper are custom crop presets for Lightroom.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could crop and/or straighten photos automatically? Especially if you are e.g. a school photographer or do product photography. That’s what AutoCropper does and that in Lightroom itself. And that too with your “look and feel”. Compare it to a presets/presets, but for cropping/crop. What a time saver and production increase would that give?

AutoCropper is a Lightroom plug-in for automatically cropping / cropping and straightening photos. It is completely non-destructive and works with the settings of the crop / cropping tool in the Develop module. AutoCropper uses AI / Deep Learning to do this.

Crop presets – the missing presets

For years we have known Develop presets within Lightroom, but crop and rotate presets are missing. Even though we do so much of it.

Your unique look

Because AutoCropper uses presets trained on your own sample photos, your unique “look and feel” is preserved. It won’t be a sameness!

Multiple presets for the same photos

For example, you can create one preset for portraits and another for square LinkedIn photos. You can unleash both on possibly the same photos.

Aspect ratio adjustable

The desired aspect ratio can be specified per preset, even if it differs from that of the original photo.

For whom?

AutoCropper excels in those situations where many similar photos are taken. School photography is a good example.
A similar photo is taken of all children. At an average high school, that could be a thousand or more. And that’s a high school. You have 20 more.

But even product photography sometimes falls into this category.

However, if every photo is a creative, unique masterpiece, then AutoCropper is not for you.


We are in the early stages of delivering AutoCropper.

Please contact us using the Contact form if you are interested!


My wife works as a freelancer for school photographers, among other things. When I saw her cropping school after school portraits I thought, there must be an easier, faster and most importantly, better way to do that. And we are not talking about ten portraits here, but thousands.

There are more disciplines within the photography business where lots of similar photos are shot that all go through a similar process. Cropping (cropping) and rotating is frequently required.

Why AutoCropper

Short answer

AutoCropper automates cropping and straightening of photos in Lightroom and thus it increases production and reduces costs. Finished faster at later costs.

Long Answer

AutoCropper automates the cropping and straightening of photos and thus it is:

  • Cheaper
    Big savings in time and therefore in labor costs
  • Faster
    • Higher production and lower turnaround times because 80 to 90% of photos are cropped correctly in one pass
    • Faster time to market
  • More consistent end product
    • The final product is more consistent in formatting.
  • Own unique look
    AutoCropper learns based on your own training photos. It learns from the master himself, so the unique, own company layout is preserved. No uniformity!
  • Multiple presets for the same photos.
  • Aspect ratio is specifiable.
    This is specifiable and may differ from the aspect ratio of the original photo.
  • Full standard Lightroom
    • No technical knowledge required. Any Lightroom user can use it. It is simply a plug-in. All the complicated technology is hidden from the user.
      In Lightroom, select the relevant portrait photos, 1, 10, 1000 or …, and start the AutoCropper. That's all. You see in the grid the photos are adjusted.
  • No copies of photos, no TIFFs or PSDs, but settings in the Develop module that can be easily adjusted or undone in the history. Same settings as the crop tool within Lightroom.
  • Virtual copies as an option
    • AutoCropper can, if desired, also write the cropping and rotation as a virtual copy
  • AVG proof
    • AutoCropper can run completely locally on the same computer as Lightroom.
  • Cloud is allowed, but not necessary
    • If privacy is not an issue, AutoCropper can run in the cloud.