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New major version LightroomStatistics Reports

With proud we published to new 4.0 version of LightroomStatistics reports.

Download the trial version from our download page.

What’s new

  • All reports are Lightroom 6 compatible
  • Assessment report
    • Added the new Photo merge feature of Lightroom 6: HDR and Panorama
    • Added a chart with the number of photos in the selection with or without adjustments
    • Added a chart with the Lightroom version of the last edit
    • Added keyboard shot cuts for the top menus

What’s changed

  • Major performance boost on start up
  • New layout of the Assessment report
    • Added graph showing photos with and without adjustments, see above
    • Removed the Camera profile and Process version section
    • Moved the Process version graph to the second page
    • Moved the Camera profile graph to the Develop section
    • Added translations to the “Camera – Serial number – Lens” report

What’s fixed

  • In the Assessment report the listing of the number of photos per camera, body and lens in some situations missed photos. This occurred especially when no camera information is available, like with scanned images.
  • Small translations fixes
  • Improved error handling when opening non Lightroom file.
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Update EditCheck plug-in

Today we published the 1.7 update of the popular Lightoom EditCheck plug-in.

Change log

  1. Extra Help menu option.
    Now it is possible to start the plug-in also from the Help -> Plug-in Extra menu.
    This eliminates the switching to the Library module if you are in the Develop module.
  2. Added a Configuration panel in the Plug-in manager.
    And added the option to reset the settings.
  3. Added an information message when the plug-in finishes processing with the ability to “not ask again”.
  4. Improved localization / translation for non English users

You can download EditCheck at

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Update Tracklog creator

New version, 1.60, of the Tracklog ceator is available for download.

This update is available for download on the website.

The tracklog creator plug-in creates a track-log from photos with GPS information in them. This track-log can be used for multiple purposes like showing the track, but also for using in Lightroom to “Auto tag” photos without GPS info based on those with, when having no track-log at all.

In the “Photo GPS analyse” module:

  • the track-log line is added
  • the map height is reduced, showing the information below the map better
  • when clicking on a photo in the table below the map, the waypoint in the map is indicated by the text popup

You can download a trial version.