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New report: Duplicate file names

Find all photos with duplicate file names

We have added a new analysis report to our Lightroom Analyzer software: Duplicate file names.
This analysis helps you to check whether your photo files in Lightroom have a unique file name.

Duplicate file names
Duplicate file names

Why are duplicate file names a problem

Sooner or later photos with the same name will overwrite the other. When exporting it is not clear which photo was exported.
Lastly, it is not good practise, see

What if you have duplicates?

Simple export the report to Excel, copy all file names and paste them into Lightroom with the Photo List Importer Lightroom plug-in.
Now you will have all duplicate files collected in one collections in Lightroom!

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Major upgrade Lightroom Analyzer 5.0

We are proud to present the new Lightroom Analyzer 5.0 to you.

New with this version is the Online Viewer option which introduces Pay-per-View.
This means that you no longer have to buy a report (license) in order to analyze your catalog.

Now you can analyze your Lightroom catalog for less than a Starbucks Cappuccino1.

Each report in the store can now be viewed or downloaded from our Online Viewer.

Online Viewer demo

This video shows the whole process: download, install, run analysis and upload and viewing in our Online Viewer.

1) According to the price information on the linked site.

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New major version LightroomStatistics Reports

With proud we published to new 4.0 version of LightroomStatistics reports.

Download the trial version from our download page.

What’s new

  • All reports are Lightroom 6 compatible
  • Assessment report
    • Added the new Photo merge feature of Lightroom 6: HDR and Panorama
    • Added a chart with the number of photos in the selection with or without adjustments
    • Added a chart with the Lightroom version of the last edit
    • Added keyboard shot cuts for the top menus

What’s changed

  • Major performance boost on start up
  • New layout of the Assessment report
    • Added graph showing photos with and without adjustments, see above
    • Removed the Camera profile and Process version section
    • Moved the Process version graph to the second page
    • Moved the Camera profile graph to the Develop section
    • Added translations to the “Camera – Serial number – Lens” report

What’s fixed

  • In the Assessment report the listing of the number of photos per camera, body and lens in some situations missed photos. This occurred especially when no camera information is available, like with scanned images.
  • Small translations fixes
  • Improved error handling when opening non Lightroom file.