Degree of orgaqnization

Degree of organization

Do you miss opportunities? Does it take you a long time to find your photos? How well is your photo collection organized?
This reports shows your use of Keywords, Stars, Flags and Color labels. It may be an eye-opener.

What’s in it for me?

Do you miss opportunities? Does it take you a long time to find your photos?
Delivering the right image on time is essential for every professional photographers. Without organization of your catalog it might take you long to answer opportunities!

Peter Krogh, author of the DAM book (Digital Assessment Management) uses the example of a golden pin.
: what is value of a golden pin lost in a haystack?
: the value of the pin minus the time you are looking for it.

Curious and want to know more? Download the free sample.


This report analyses your usage of the organization possibilities offered to you in Lightroom:

  • Flag (Picks, Unflagged, Rejected)
  • Color labels
  • Stars
  • Keywords

A cross-tabs shows the number of photos with the number of keywords.


You can run this report against your whole catalog or against the photos in your Quick Collection.


LightroomStatistics is open, you can export to:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • OpenOffice
  • HTML
  • XML
  • CSV

Related reports

Assessment is the bigger brother of this report in that it provides an in-depth analysis of the usage of the Develop mod.


The LightroomStatistics reports can be parametrized in order to get the desired results.
These parameters are described below. By the way, all parameters have a default value, so you only have to change them when needed.

Restrict to images in Quick Collection
DescriptionRestrict the report to the images in your Quick Collection if desired.
DefaultFalse (= whole catalog)
FormatCheck box (true or false)


Translations: Dutch, French and German.
Contact us for translating this report into another language and get a license free.