Difference “Duplicate file names finder” and “Find RAW + NON-RAW” report

Check the table below for the differences between the “Duplicate file names finder” and “Find RAW + NON-RAW” reports.

Duplicate file name finder Find RAW + NON RAW
Purpose Find all photos that have not a unique file name in the catalog. Find all photos that have not a unique file name in the catalog and list only the NON-RAW versions
Difference List all non unique photos, both RAW and NON-RAW Lists all NON-RAW photos along with the RAW version.
Output format Column 1: all found images (RAW and NON-RAW images)
Column 2: base name
  • Column 1: NON-RAW images
  • Column 2: RAW image
  • Column 2: base name
Sample output File name
Base name
NON-RAW file name RAW_file name Base name
E:/Photos/2012/12/2012_12_20 Sailing/DAH_20121220_9346.CR2 DAH_20121220_9346 < Not exported on a seperate line >
E:/Photos/2012/12/2012_12_20 Sailing/DAH_20121220_9346.TIF DAH_20121220_9346 E:/Foto's/2012/12/2012_12_20 Sailing/DAH_20121220_9346.TIF E:/Foto's/2012/12/2012_12_20 Sailing/DAH_20121220_9346.CR2 DAH_20121220_9346
E:/Photos/2012/12/2012_12_20 Sailing/DAH_20121220_9346.JPG DAH_20121220_9346 E:/Photos/2012/12/2012_12_20 Sailing/DAH_20121220_9346.JPG E:/Foto's/2012/12/2012_12_20 Sailing/DAH_20121220_9346.CR2 DAH_20121220_9346
E:/Photos/2012/12/2012_12_20 Sailing/Export/DAH_20121220_9346.JPG DAH_20121220_9346 E:/Photos/2012/12/2012_12_20 Sailing/Export/DAH_20121220_9346.JPG E:/Foto's/2012/12/2012_12_20 Sailing/DAH_20121220_9346.CR2 DAH_20121220_9346
Result The CSV file will contain 4 lines. CSV file contains 3 lines
When imported with Photo list importer 4 photos will be imported. Also the RAW version. 3 photos will be imported. The RAW version is not imported.
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