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New LR plug-in: Photo list importer

Yesterday evening during the demo one student asked how he could find all JPG files that had also a RAW counterpart.

Within Lightroom still is not possible. This puzzled me.

The solution would be to create a query which retrieves all photos whose name appears more than once in the your Lightroom catalog.
But having a list alone is not helping. One should be able to retrieve them in Lightroom.


The solution has 2 parts:

  1. The Photo list importer Lightroom plug-in
    This Lightroom plug-in reads a text files with file names + location and adds these photos in Lightroom to a collection.
    The nice part is that this is a generic plug-in.
    Every text with photo names and locations can be read. One could create such a text file by hand, by a SQL query, from Excel or by a ready made report / query.
  2. Duplicate file name finder
    A ready report which lists all photos in your catalog that have not a unique name.
    For example photos that have a JPG and RAW version, or the original photo and it derivatives.
    The result one can be store as a CSV file.

Both the plug-in and the report will be added to the webshop within short notice.
In a hurry, contact me via the contact form.