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New plug-in “Find similar files”

Finally our new Lightroom plug-in “Find similar files” ┬áis published at

This plug-in was born out of a request of a professional photographer reworking old RAW images with Lightroom 4. The new process version of version 4 enabled him to rework old images and do this previous were not possible.
Yet, doing so he needed to find and cleanup his old master and derivative files.

Another usage of this plug-in is to find all JPG, TIF etc versions of an image.

Select a couple of images and this plug-in will find all images in your Lightroom catalog that have a similar file name.

It assumes that you have a naming strategy.

Peter Krogh, author of the DAM book, and Richard Anderson share some best practices how to handle Original and derivative files on . See also the paragraph on file names.