Online viewer

What is “Online Viewer”

With our “Online Viewer” option you only Pay per Use.
In other words, you only pay when you upload and view an analysis in our Online Viewer on the internet.

You do not need to buy a report from our shop!
See our Online Viewer report prices below.


The analysis software of LightroomStatistics contains 2 modules:

  1. The “Analyzer” module
    This module contains a lot of analytic reports (17).
    This program always runs on a local computer.
  2. The “Viewer” module
    This modules reads the analysis results from the Analyzer and shows them on screen.
    You can also choose to store the results in one of the many output format, like PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, HTML, etc.

Viewer – two versions

There are two types of “Viewer”. The first is integrated with the Analyzer software, the seconds runs online and is called the “Online Viewer”.
Why? The type of Viewer depends on whether you buy a report (license) or only Pay per Use.

Compare it with a car. If you need a car daily, it is cheaper to buy a car. However, if you only want to use a car a couple of time, then it is far more efficient to rent a car instead of buying on. You only pay per use.

Internal viewer

When you buy a report (license) from our store, then the Analyzer module will display the results straight in the Viewer.

Everything runs on your local computer.


  • Results are displayed direct on screen
  • No extra handling.
  • One time purchase of a report (package).
    Once bought you can run the report as often as you like
  • Cheaper when you use a report more often.


  • One-time purchase of a report (license).
  • More expensive if you run a report not so often.

Online Viewer

If you only want to pay for your usage (Pay per Use) and not buy a report license, this is your option.

This viewer runs on the internet.
After analyzing your catalog the results are stored in a file on your local computer.
With the Online Viewer you can import this file and show it on screen after paying a little fee. Again, once shown on screen you can download it in one of the many output formats like PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, HTML, etc.


  • You only pay per use (Pay per Use)
  • You can use all the available analytic reports in the Analyzer, without buying them first.
  • Cheaper when you run a report occasionally.
  • Good choice, when you want to try a report before buying it.


  • Extra handling: you have to import the analyses file into the Online Viewer
  • For each upload you have to pay a small fee.

Demo videos

Demo LR Analyzer & Online Viewer

This short video demonstrates how to create an analysis with the LR Analyzer program and upload and view it in the Online Viewer.

Demo Online Viewer

This short demo shows how you can visualize the analysis you made with the Lightroom Analyzer.

Demo LR Analyzer & Online Viewer (full)

This short video shows the whole process from downloading the LR Analyzer and finishes with showing the analysis on screen or downloading it in PDF.

Online Viewer report prices

In the table below you find the prices for visualizing and downloading your reports. Once you payed for a report you can download it as many times as you like within 30 days. After these 30 days your uploads will be removed.

Currency and VAT

All prices are in Euros and VAT excluded!
VAT tax is required for all reports uploaded from a country within the European Community.

During checkout to Paypal we determine, based on your IP address, your country and the VAT rate. For this we use the GeoIP library and database.
This is a European regulation to which we must abide.


Report Price
Assessment 2,5
Degree of organization 1
Develop statistics 1,5
Photo history 1,5
Usage Develop adjustments 1
Aperture analysis 1
File dimensions 0
File types 0
Focal length 1
GPS percentage 0
ISO Speed analysis 1
Camera usage 0
Lens usage 1
Shutter speed analysis 1
Export file names 0,5
Find Photos with RAW and non RAW version 0,5
Search duplicate file names 0,5
Other reports 0,5