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Photo list importer major update

We are glad to announce a major update of our Photo list importer plug-in.

New feature:

  • Added feature to import multiple files on one line
    This update improves compatibility with online gallery software like InstaProofs.
  • Added feature to filter on (part of) directory / map/ folder name
    When using simple non unique file names on your gallery importing could result in to much hits. Filtering on (part of) the file name or Collection give you the ability to restrict the import to the photos in these locations.
  • Added feature to filter on (part of) Collection name
    See comment above
  • Added feature view the log file for processing information
    The previous edition also created a log file. Now a menu item is added to simple view the log file.

Buy or download a trail version at Photo list importer at Photographers Toolbox !

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